Aercase Press Release

To solve the invasive problem of smelly shoes that typically comes after repeated work-outs and sport competitions, EVO and Company has developed and launched Aercase on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter– the first combined anti-odor and anti-bacterial shoe carrier on the market that will completely block the odor while shoes are carried inside the bag.

“As student athletes, we found that the smell of athletic shoes was a bothersome and often embarrassing consequence of our busy lifestyles and we wanted to solve it,” said EVO and Company President Rafael de la Vega. “After more than a year of research and testing of several prototypes, we found the perfect combination of materials and science that will completely eliminate the odor of smelly shoes once they are placed inside our high-tech shoe bag so they won’t smell up cars, closets, athletic bags or lockers.”

Aercase, which contains an individual compartment for each shoe, uses activated carbon cloth to absorb the odors and humidity coming from athletic shoes – along with silver-plated textiles that kill bacteria coming from the shoes. Aercase is made of high-grade Ripstop Nylon and Spandex, which makes it durable enough to be machine washed and dried hundreds of times without affecting its functionality.

De la Vega adds that the bag is designed to form-fit to several different shapes of shoes, and also includes a water-resistant pocket in the front flap to store valuable items such as car keys, smartphones and wallets. The black-and-white colored Aercase fits most low-top and mid-top athletic shoes up to size 12.

“One of our goals was also to create a product that would fit seamlessly into the active lifestyles of people and offer a stylish look, which isn’t easy for a shoe bag,” added de la Vega. “However, by teaming up both engineers and fashion designers, we believe Aercase gets the job done.”

“Aercase ensures the smell of your athletic shoes won’t find its way into the rest of your life, effectively absorbing the odors and humidity coming from your shoes and by killing the bacteria in a safe, non-toxic manner,” he said.

Aercase is available on Kickstarter at a limited time early-bird special price of $65, with more discounts available with additional purchases. For more information, visit the Aercase Campaign Page on Kickstarter.

Johnny Presslauer

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