Welcome to The Power of Active

Right now, someone is moving their body. And we should be proud of them. One foot after another, with a seaside breeze behind them, they’re coasting along a pier with neatly organized wooden planks, each patiently waiting their turn to reward our runner as their foot meets the ground with an encouraging thud, like a slow, steady applause.

Someone is also sitting still. Stagnant. Without movement. They’re sitting in a quiet, calm space. The air conditioning is humming steadily and the walls are painted a soothing beige. They are peering up from their blue computer screen, relaxing for a moment, and gazing through the window at the bright and shiny part of the world we now collectively refer to as, “outside.”

As they peer through the glass, they’re asking themselves a question that you and I once asked ourselves as well. A question whose answer will play a vital role in their future happiness.

“Should I go?”

For some of us, the answer to this question is reflexive, more of a habit than a response. Being active feels easy, simple, and the rewards are obvious. Inspiring and sharing that feeling is why we created The Power of Active.

Johnny Presslauer

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