The Team

The team members at EVO are each rising experts in their craft. Together we fulfill our desire to create elegant, simple products in order to help people enjoy being active.

Connor Norvell

Connor Norvell is a designer, and filmmaker. He is responsible for art direction, commercial, and marketing material at EVO and Company.

Jackson Love

Jackson is an aspiring engineer and lawyer. He is responsible for the financial and legal operations of EVO and Company.

Johnny Presslauer

Johnny leads up our marketing efforts at EVO. He challenges our notions regarding our customers and pushes us to make the product and the ways we present it to customers better.

Rafael de la Vega

Rafael is the visionary behind our product, the Aercase. When he isn’t working on designs for the Aercase, he is working on what is next for EVO and Company.

Scott Smith

Scott is responsible for the technology side of the operations of EVO. He is a web designer and developer who is always looking to make user experiences better.